Writing to Reading: The Steiner Waldorf Way

Writing to Reading: The Steiner Waldorf Way

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This theory and practice-based Waldorf book gives the foundations for creative literacy and teaching children how to write and read in Classes 1 and 2, or UK Years 2 and 3. It explores how Steiner/ Waldorf pedagogy  dovetails with mainstream primary approaches and specialist dyslexia-friendly methods.

How children engage with reading and writing is a hot topic.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ best way. However, Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf education offers a holistic, active and creative approach based on the foundation of children’s rich spoken language development.  The child discovers their own voice through movement, form drawing and storytelling. The magic of the alphabet is invoked in sound, story and image. Children tell stories and then write them down, which leads organically into reading.

  • How to teach writing and reading using Steiner/Waldorf principles and methods.
  • Draws on Waldorf pedagogy, best practice mainstream primary methods, and specialist dyslexia techniques.
  • Gives teachers the theory to introduce literacy with confidence.
  • Tried and tested easy-to-use lesson plans with assessment & feedback tips, movement, games, and activities.      
  • Includes drawings, photos, diagrams, and examples of children’s work.
  • Comprehensive glossary, appendices, bibliography, index, word lists, and suggested stories.