Wooden Numeral Discs & Tumbled Stone Counters.

Often we think of the basic foundation of learning mathematics with tiresome book work and sitting at a desk with minimal if any nature involved. Well with these wooden numeral discs and tumbled stone counters you can bring a little bit of the natural world into your little folks lessons. 
Wooden disc roughly 3cm wide ~ you can make these yourself with a branch and hack saw, or alternatively professionally made ones will be available from our store. 
A black marker.
A selection of tumbled stones. 
1. If you are making your own discs, take a nice branch that is roughly 3cm thick and using a hacksaw begin cutting pieces that are 1.5cm thick. If your already have pre cut disc, skip to 2.
2. Take your wooden discs and on each side using the marker write a number. We have our numbers going up to 30,  but you can do as many as you like of these. Using one of the wooden discs create your subtraction and addition disc by doing one symbol on each side. This way you can flip it to alternate whichever equations you are doing with your little folk. 
3. Set up an invitation to learn by placing so,e tumbled stones in a bowl and using your wooden numeral discs create and equation for you little one to work on. 
Now watch your little wild folk become mathematicians wolf the future.
For more photos to help assist with creating the wooden numeral discs please visit our Instagram page www.instagram.com/wild.wattle.folk