Writing With Nature

When the formal side schooling begins, often that means the  outside world is set aside. This activity is a perfect way to bring nature indoors so your little wild folk can still have a connection with nature. 
This activity is the next step up from our Nature Spelling Game, and is perfect for children ready to begin their writing journey. 
A permanent marker.
As many leaves as you want for words.
Lined paper, or alternatively you can't create your own lined paper like we have in the photo.
1. Depending on your preference you can press the leaves prior to writing on them, or you can write directly on them the way they naturally are.
Once you have picked out what words your little wild folk will focus on, set out an invitation to learn and enjoy watching begin their journey into writing. 
For more photos to help assist with create your journey into writing with nature please visit our Instagram page www.instagram.com/wild.wattle.folk