Perpetual Seasonal Calendar

Connecting with the seasonal rhythms of the outside world is a great way for little folk to connect deeper to not only the natural world, but also their own inner seasonal rhythms. We have created this perpetual seasonal calendar in hopes that it will help assist our dearest little ones connect with both themselves and the natural world. We will take this calendars with us on our monthly day in the forest, checking for signs of each passing seasons, connecting with the land and also using it to reflect onwards to how these seasons make us feel internally.
Watercolour paper. 
Watercolour paint. 
A light grey pencil. 
Black felt pen. 
Drafting compass or circular object to trace around. 
A piece of cardboard. 
A paper fastener. 
 1. Using your drafting compass and pencil, create a circle the desired width of your perpetual seasonal calendar on your watercolour paper ~ ours is 25cm ~ then once you’re happy with the size use your scissors to cut it out.
2. Using your drafting compass again create a circle roughly 1.5cm from the edge of the one you have cut out ~ this will be the place where you write the seasons. 
3. Again with your drafting compass create a smaller circle in the middle of your perpetual calendar ~ ours is 6cm ~ the outer of this circle is where you will list the seasons. 
4. Using your watercolour paints ~ or the paint of your choosing, create a seasonal rainbow on the outer circle where the months will soon be written, then paint your small inner circle a desired colour ~ we chose a golden colour to represent the sun.
5. Once your paint has dried, lightly evenly mark part of your wheel so you can seen the four sections for each tree and decide what season will go where. Once you are happy with your choice, take your black felt pen and write the seasons on the outer of your inner circle. Remember to write them rotating counterclockwise so your perpetual wheel can be spun clockwise  once complete.
5. Take your pen and drafting compass and create a circle above your seasonal writing, this will be the base of each tree.
6. The best way to create your trees to be symmetrical is to draw the trunks of each tree before you continue on to the branches. Draw one trunk using your pen and then spin your wheel so you can draw the opposite one, and do the same for the other two trees. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and draw the branches for your tree .
7. Once all your trees are outlined, using a small paintbrush begin filling them in with leaves.
8. Now that your trees are completed, you can begin to fill in the the outer rainbow circle with the months. Remember to again do this rotating counterclockwise so you can spin your whee clockwise once completed. 
9. Set aside your completed wheel and take your piece of cardboard ~ this will be the backing for your perpetual wheel. Measure out the width you desired, making sure you have left enough room to draw your indicator and cut it out.  
10. Using your paper fastener, connect your wheel to the board. 
11. Draw on your indicator. 
Now your perpetual seasonal calendar is complete, your little wild folk can use it to learn and connect deeper with the seasonal rhythms. 
For more photos to assist with creating the perpetual seasonal calendar please visit our Instagram page