Nature Spelling Game

Connecting the nature and the natural world is one of the things I hold high when it comes to raising my little wild folk. Some times being outdoors isn't an option for people. When we are left unable to be outdoors, we bring the outdoors and the natural world inside with us. 
This activity is very easy, and rewarding to create. It makes every leaf you see while walking another teaching resource. 
A dried out branch about an inch wide ~ alternatively pre made wooden alphabet discs will be available to purchase in our online store.
A permanent marker.
As many leaves as you want for words.
A hack saw if you're creating your own wooden discs.
1. Take your dried out branch and using the hack saw cut small discs roughly a centimetre and a half wide. 
2. Once all your wooden disc sticks are cut, take your permanent marker and write uppercase letters on one side, and the same letter but lowercase on the other. I recommend a few of the same letters, and about 5 of each vowel. 
3. Depending on your preference you can press the leaves prior to writing on them, or you can write directly on them the way they naturally are.
Sit out your spelling game each morning as an invitation for the kids to play when they choose and watch your little folk enjoy this learnings opportunity. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the Nature Spelling Game please visit our Instagram page