DIY Clay Beads

 Clay beads are such a versatile and simple way to incorporate some home made goodness into your gift giving. 
Children hold such a high sense of accomplishment not o my after they have created something, but when they see that they object they have made is something used or placed somewhere for all to see. 
We use these clay beads so often for our crafts, and usually have a bowl of them in easy reach for the kids so they can create with them whenever they have a burning idea or just to practise some threading. 
Air drying clay, or alternatively salt dough. 
Something to create the hole ~ we used the end of a paint brush. 
1. Take a small amount of air drying clay and roll it between both your hands to create a little ball. 
2. Now take the end of your paint brush or your chosen object to create the hole and push it through the centre of your clay ball. Tip: make sure what you have chosen to create the hole is thicker than the cord your will be using to thread the beads once completed. 
3. Gently take off the clay bead and using your fingers smooth the clay back down the bead and set aside to dry. 
4. Once your beads are dry you can now paint them. We have used both watercolour paint as well as some home made paint for our beads and both have dried perfectly. 
Now your clay beads are complete your little wild folk with have another beautiful resource to  be creative with. 
For more ideas on how to use your clay beads, please visit our Instagram
Please do not leave small children unattended with any small clay beads you have created as it can be a choking hazard.