Counting With Nature

Bring nature into the classroom, if you home educate like us, the kitchen table, and watch your little wild folk be inspired to learn with this simple maths game.
Glass jars.
Cockle shells.
A black marker. 
A piece of fern.
1. Work out how many numbers you are wanting to create. We created 10 cockle shell numerals, but used only 4 for this activity ~ you can see the other cockle shells in our tutorial for counting with crystals. 
2. Take you marker and on each cockle shell write numbers 1-10.
3. Create your invitation to learn by setting up your cockle shells in a row with a glass jar behind each. Place the large piece of fern in front and get your little wild folk to pick of the corresponding amount of leaves for each cockle shell and place it in the jar. 
Now sit back and watch your little folk have fun while learning with this counting with nature activity. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the wooden numeral discs please visit our Instagram page