Counting With Crystals

My children are instinctively drawn to crystals and stones. From a very early age, almost as soon as they were able to move around they always found their way to a rock on the ground that they loved. We still have a large collection of stones that are dearly loved from their early years of finding nature treasure.
As they have grown their love expanding to crystals and tumbled stones, and so we do most of our mathematics using these elements they love so dearly. This activity is simple to set up, but lovely for little wild folk that are just setting out on their first journey into the world of mathematics.
10 cockle shells. 
A black marker. 
A selection of crystals ~ alternatively you can use any nature treasure that your little wild folk are drawn to. 
1. Using your black marker, write numbers 1-10 on each cockle shell.
2. Set up an invitation to learn by placing all your now numeral cockle shells on a plate, and placing a bowl of crystals beside them. Get your little wild folk to pick a shell, and they using the crystal counters allow your little one to count out the correct number of crystals for each numeral cockle shell. 
It’s such a simple little set up, but I promise you if your kids love crystals like mine do it’s an effective way to get them to fall in love with mathematics. Now enjoy watching your little folk immerse themselves in counting and enjoying the beginning of their journey by counting with crystals. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the wooden numeral discs please visit our Instagram page