Teaching Resources

  • Wooden Sight Words

    Materials: Wooden Log, alternatively if you can order pre cut wooden discs.  A drop or hack saw  A permanent marker Sand paper Instructions: If y...
  • Recipe Boards ~ Bread Recipe

    Foster independence with these recipe boards ~ plus bread recipe.
  • DIY Clay Beads

    These DIY clay beads are beautiful creative resource for your wild folk to either make with or boost their hand eye coordination with threading.
  • Perpetual Seasonal Calendar

    Connecting with the seasonal rhythms of the outside world is a great way for little folk to connect deeper to not only the natural world, but also their own inner seasonal rhythms.
  • Counting With Crystals

    Begin your little wild folks journey into the world of mathematics with this invitation to learn to count with crystals.
  • Counting With Nature

    Connect your wild folk to nature while learning to count with this fern counting game.
  • Wooden Numeral Discs & Tumbled Stone Counters.

    Help your little folk learn addition and subtraction with these wooden maths discs and tumble stone counters
  • Writing With Nature

    Bring the natural world indoors and watch your wild folk begin their journey into writing with nature.
  • Nature Spelling Game

    Help your little folk connect with nature even when they are inside with this nature spelling game.