Mindfulness Wand

Being mindful is a constant challenge, to be aware of your ever unfolding present moment and not letting your thoughts, or ideas of the future cloud the true reality of right now. As a family we have practiced mindfulness since my eldest was still in my womb. Today he is much older, and sometimes life can become extremely overwhelming for him ~ as it can be for anyone. We created this little mindfulness and to help him find the calm in his storms, to watch the ribbons dance as he exhales into it bringing him back to the present true moment. 
A stick roughly the length of a ruler.
Your choice of ribbons, we chose 5 different coloured ribbons for our wand.
A small wreath, you can either purchase these or create them yourself. 
1. Take your choice of ribbon and cut them equal lengths, we chose 40cm, giving it once tied 20cm of length. 
2. Space ribbons evenly across the wreath making sure to leave a space for your stick. Once you're happy with their placement, thread them through a twig on the outer part of the wreath and tie once both ends are even. 
3. Push stick through the wreath, this should hold as is if your wreath is tightly made. If not you can use glue for it to hold.
Now watch your little folk take deep breaths, blow and connect with the present moment as they watch the ribbons dance. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the mindfulness wand please visit our Instagram page www.instagram.com/wild.wattle.folk