Kindness Jars

Kindness and empathy are two incredible gifts to teach a child. We often strive to find ways to show random acts of kindness to others with our little wild folk, but also sitting down and thinking deeply about kind words and thoughts you think about both yourself and others is also incredibly important. This activity can be made as a gift to someone else, or it can be used to write a kindness jar for themselves to help build self love. Either way, your little one will be filled with a warm and happy heart while creating their kindness jar.
A small jar, we recycled an old coffee jar. 
A piece of paper.
Watercolour paints.
A pen.
A piece of twine.
1. Work out how many notes of kindness you want to do, and cut paper accordingly. We did 10 things for ours. 
2. Using your watercolour paint, paint each piece of paper a different colour and allow to dry.
3. Once your paper is dry, use a pen to write on each piece of paper one thing you love about the person you're gifting it to, or if your little wild one is doing a jar about themselves get them to write one thing they love about themselves on each piece.
4. Once all the pieces of paper have been done, place them into your jar. Using another piece of paper write the name of the person the kindness jar is about. Thread a piece of twine through it and tie to your jar.
Now it's complete you are ready to gift your kindness jar. Alternatively if it's a kindness jar for you little wild folk, make sure to leave it in an easy accessible place and read frequently to remind them just how incredible they are.
For more photos to help assist with creating the kindness jars please visit our Instagram page