Wooden Star Constellations

If your little wild folk are anything like mine, they are naturally drawn to the stars. On the clearest of nights we always spend our times outside, gazing up and trying to find star constellations out of a wonderful southern hemisphere star constellation book which has been passed down in our family. Unfortunately not every night is clear enough for us to see the stars and so, like you probably suspected, we bring the stars inside with us. These wooden star constellations (and many other constellations) will soon be available in our online store, but I highly recommend trying to make your own that way they are more personal to your little family and you get to get those wonderful creative juices flowing. 
Wooden Discs ~ you can either cut your own with a hacksaw or buy some already cut. 
Black paint.
Silver paint pen.
A ruler.
1. Take your wooden discs and on one side paint the surface black. 
2. Pick out the star constellations you wish to do and on the back of each disc write the name of one chosen star constellation.
3. Now turn your wooden discs over and using the silver paint pen put a dot for each star in the constellation, making sure your're doing the same constellation that you have written on the back. 
4. Once the paint dots have dried, take the ruler and paint pen and very lightly connect the constellation together. Make sure you only press lightly so the line is faint enough to not make the star dots disappear.
Now that your wooden star constellations are done, your little wild folk can look at and learn all about the stars even on those cloudy nights.
✨Zodiac wooden discs will be available to purchase in store from Nov.
©️Wild Wattle Folk 2019✨
 For more photos to help assist with creating the wooden star constellations please visit our Instagram page www.instagram.com/wildwattlefolk