Winter Full Moon Garland

As my little wild folk grow, so does the depth in which we learn and honour the full moon as a family. They are drawn so naturally towards it, and so finding a way to celebrate both the moon and the current season is something very exciting for us to create. 
The first month of winter is always so hard for me personally as I often struggle with my natural rhythm to slow down. Observing my two little wild ones I have noticed they also crave the slow pace. This little winter full moon garland will come out on our seasonal table as soon as winters beautiful cooling winds have arrived so we can remember to slow down, and allow space to just sit with ourselves and our internal needs both as a family and ourselves. 
In time, with each passing season we will create a seasonal moon garland to hand too. 
For this tutorial you will need to create some clay beads ~ click here for the tutorial to create clay beads
Air drying clay, or alternative salt dough. 
Snow flake cookie cutter. 
Circular cookie cutter, or alternatively a circular shape to cut around to create your full moon. 
Clay beads (tutorial here). 
Rolling pin. 
A small stick to create hole for hanging ~ we used a hair pin. 
1. Take your air drying clay and rolling pin and roll out your clay until it’s around a centimetre thick. 
2. Take your snow flake and circular cookie cutters and press them into the clay to create clay snow flakes and full moons.
3. Take your small stick, or in our case hair pin and create a hole in each shape to hang from. Make sure the hole is wider than the cord you will be using. 
4. Set your clay items aside to dry
5. Once your pieces are dry, you can begin painting them in wonderful winter tones. Drying for these shouldn’t take long, roughly 10-15 minutes. 
6. Cut a small piece of cord and thread it through your snow flakes and full moons and tie them so there’s a small hole for the longer piece of cord to thread through.
7. Now take a longer piece of cord and begin thread your clay beads, snow flakes and full moons. Make sure to make a knot at the end of each one to keep them from falling from their position.  
Now that your winter full moon garland is created, try making one for each season to connect your little wild folk to both the moon and the seasons. 
For assistance in creating your winter full moon garland please visit our Instagram and don’t forget to tag us in your creation to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook