Planting By The Moon ~ Waxing Gibbous

Planting by the moon is an old world art, rich in wisdom and popular in folklore. The moon governs our oceans, this we know and see every day with tidal force making our beaches go in and out with the different tides. 
Of course this also happens internally within all life on Earth, but also with the moisture in the soil. And so when the moon is full the moisture in the earth rises and encourages growth. During this time seeds will absorb the most water. 
Keeping rhythm with the lunar cycle by planting by the moon not only helps keep little folk aware of what phases the moon is in, and the effects it’s gravitational pull is having on the earth at the time, but also helps them to connect with the effects the gravitational pull is having within them. For we are subtle bodies of water too and the moons pull is governing our emotions in ways that many of us aren’t tuned to. 
 These little Planting By The Moon ~ Waxing Gibbous seeds are perfect to connect while families with the flow and cycle of the moon.
Before you start: 
The waxing gibbous moon is the time to plant annuals that form fruit such as tomatoes, pumpkins, capsicum, melons and beans. 
Soft cardboard. 
A pencil. 
A drafting compass or a small circular shape to trace around to create your waxing gibbous shape. 
 Seeds, preferably fresh from plant but dried can work also. 
1. Take your cardboard, pencil and drafting compass/circular shape (we used small a small paint jar) and draw out a circle, then using your circular shape/drafting compass draw a curved line through it to create a gibbous moon. 
2. Now you have your waxing gibbous moons, you can stick the seeds on to them. This is easier done if you have the fruit fresh. Then you open up the fruit, and begin to wipe the seeds directly from the fruit to the moon and the juice should hold the seeds firmly on to the moon once dried. 
If you are doing this with dry seeds, you can alternatively use the juice of the same fruit to wipe on to the moon first and then place seeds on to it. For seeds that don’t come from fruit you can use egg white lightly to stick them on also. 
3. Set your waxing gibbous seed moons aside to dry. If you’re using seeds from fresh fruit they will shrink in size, and be firmly attached to your waxing gibbous moon ~ photo below is of a waxing gibbous moon with dry tomato seeds beside a waxing gibbous moon with fresh seeds for assistance. 
4. When it comes to planting you waxing gibbous moons, you can either pop the whole thing in with the moon attached or you can pick off the seeds and use the now empty cardboard moon to write what is growing inside. 
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