Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Honouring, celebrating or even just acknowledging the full moon can be an absolutely wonderful way to connect with the natural rhythm of our universe, not just for our little folk but also for ourselves. 
When we began our journey into home education I knew undoubtedly that I wanted my children connected with our seasonal rhythms and then after sitting with that for a while I began to feel a desire to set aside some time in our month to teach them about the moon, the stars and the universe. The full moon gives them a visual guide to know when we will began our lunar and universe activities. When we see the waxing gibbous we begin our little lunar crafts and this time we created a moon phase wall hanging.
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Air drying clay or salt dough ~ we used air drying clay for ours. 
Dried rose petals. 
Rolling pin.
Circular cookie cutter.
A skewer stick.
A blunt knife.
Cord or Twine.
A stick. 
1. Take a large ball of your clay or salt dough and using your rolling pin, begin flattening it to about 1.5cm. 

2. Take your dried rose petals, and sprinkle them all over the flattened clay ~ if using crystals wait until you have cut the moon shapes before inserting them. 
Using your rolling pin, flatten the now clay and rose petals further to about 1cm. This should keep the rose petals from falling out.
3. Using your circular cookie cutter, cut out your moon phases. Using the blunt knife to cut the circle of clay in half for your quarter moons and doubling over your cookie cutter on the piece of clay to create your crescent moons.
4. Take your skewer stick and poke a hole at the top of each phase for the cord or twine to go through. Make sure to check it is clear all the way through. - if using crystals now is the time to push them into the clay, using your finger to smooth any areas that appear out of shape afterwards 
~ Sit aside to dry ~ 
~we use a sunny windowsill for ours to dry~

6. Set your moon phases out along your stick to see how you would like them to be arranged. Cut your twine or cord to length with how far you want the moon phase to be.
7.  Take your twine or cord and push it through the hole on the now dry moon phase. Double knot one end so it doesn't fall back through, and tie the other end on your stick. 
(Optional: To extra secure your rose petals, coat over your moon phase with some clear drying craft glue.)
Now that your wall hanging is done, let your little wild folk choose a special spot to hang it so they can marvel at the moons many phases when they please. 
For more photos to help assist on creating your moon phase wall hanging please visit our Instagram page