Moon Phase Tracker

Following the moon is a wonderful way to connect children with the natural rhythms of Earth, and in turn their own inner rhythms. 
Each passing full moon we set aside time to do a moon craft, tell some moon inspired stories and learn a bit about the history of different cultures and the way they honoured the moon. 
This year to help guide my little folk with the upcoming phases of each moon I decided to create this little tracker. 
As the moon passes each phase we will turn the dial to see what the phase is called and where it is during the 8 phase journey. 
3 pieces of card or paper.
A paper fastener.
A drafting compass.
A light grey pencil.
A black felt pen.
A pair of scissors.
A set of water colour paints ~ or paint/pencils of your choosing. 
1. Take two of the pieces of card or paper and using your drafting compass ~ or a large circular object like a pot lid ~ and pencil draw two large circles of equal sizes. Cut them out and set aside for now.
2. Take the left over piece of card or paper and draw 8 small circles using your drafting compass ~ or small jar ~ and pencil. These will need to be small enough to all fit comfortably around the edge of the larger circle you have previously cut out. 
3. Using your water colours or paint/pencils of your choice create the 8 moon phases in the eight circles. I used a pencil to faintly line where the water colour would go and used a felt black pen to create the shadow AFTER the water colour had dried. It’s important to wait until it’s completely dried before using the felt pen as the black will bleed out into the water colour. 
4. Once all 8 phases of the moon are created and dried, cut them out and arrange them in order on one of the larger circles. Once you’re happy with their placement, stick them all down and using the felt pen write the corresponding name for each phase followed by the number in which it comes. Here is the order in which I did ours: 1-New Moon, 2-Waxing Crescent, 3-First Quarter (some people call this “Waxing Quarter”), 4-Waxing Gibbous, 5-Full Moon, 6-Waning Gibbous, 7-Last Quarter (some people call this “Waning Quarter”), and lastly 8-Waning Crescent. Set this aside for now.
5. Take the remaining large circle and using your water colour or paint/pencils of your choice decorate how you desire. This will be the top of your tracker. I chose to do stripes in different shades of blue green. 
6. Once dried, measure out the length of each moon on your dial, give an extra mm on each side so it has some space. Measure the same amount on your large now coloured circle and mark it. Once marked measure each point directly to the centre of the circle, this should leave you with a pie shape. Using your scissors cut out the pie shape, leaving a small amount at the middle so the page fastener can hold the tracker together.
7. Place the circle with the piece cut out on top of your dial and press in paper fastener in the middle, folding it out to secure the pieces together.
Now enjoy guiding your little folk through the moons phases 
If you are wanting a moon phase tracker without the time it takes to create one, our dear friend has created a printable one for only $2 AUD.

For more photos to help assist with creating the tracker please visit our Instagram page