Moon Friendship Necklaces.

Friends are pretty special, they are our chosen family and sometimes we are lucky enough to even be born family as well. Recently my eldest saw something about best friend necklaces, and it prompted him to ask if he could get some for his friends. He didn’t want it to be best friend necklaces though because he had too many friends and didn’t want people to be excluded. 
So with that we decided to make some little moon friendship necklaces, because we are all joined by the moon. I am always telling my children if they miss someone to look at the moon because any point you look at it, there could be thousands of others looking at it too and one of those people could be the person they are missing and if they look at it at the same time it’s as if that’s where they are meeting and they are together again for a moment. 
air drying clay or salt dough ~ we used air drying clay. 
A rolling pin.
A Skewer.
Either a small cookie cutter or something circular to cut around ~ we used a small wooden egg cup from the kids mud kitchen and a butter knife, you got to work with what you have I guess! 
1. Flatten out your air drying clay until its at a desired thickness. We went to 5mm for our moons.
2. Using you cookie cutter, or small circular object and butter knife, cut out as many circles as you want to make necklaces. 
3. Using your cookie cutter, or object again cut out a small portion of your circle making it a crescent moon shape. Roughly around 2/3 over will do this and if you’re not using a cookie cutter and are using a small egg cup like we were you don’t need to use your knife to cut around, you can just push it in and take out the part inside the egg cup and pop that in your air drying clay scraps. 
4. Now take your skewer and make a little hole all the way through the moon where the cord will go to make it a necklace. 
~Leave To Dry! A day on a sunny windowsill is usually enough~ 
5. Set out your crescent moons and begin to paint them any colour you choose. We use a watercolour paint to paint our air drying clay projects and it usually only take around 15 minutes to dry. 
6. Take your cord and fold it in the middle, push the folded piece through the hole ~ if it gets stuck, you can guide it with the skewer that created the hole and it should go through. Once the cord is about an inch through take the two ends and push it under the looped cord. Tie the loose ends together. 
Now your little folk have friendship moon necklaces to give out to all their little friends, whether that’s cousins, aunties, uncles, or other friends or doesn’t matter. When they look down they will remember their little loved ones that are now all connect by their crescent moon necklaces. 
For more photos to assist with creating you little moon friendship necklaces please visit our Instagram page