Craters On The Moon

Sensory play is invaluable to little folk for many reasons, and sensory play at incorporates the moon is pure magic for my little wild folk. 
Coconut oil.
A cake tin.
Tumbled stones, or any rock your little folk hold dear.
1. To make "moon dust" take a cup of flour and mix a tablespoon of cold coconut oil, using your fingers to rub in. Feel free to add more flour and coconut oil until you have reach the desired texture.
2. Pour "moon dust" into a cake tin. You can use any bowl or tin to hold it.
3. Set up an invitation to drop tumbled stones into moon dust. 
Now you've set up your invitation you can take this time to explain why craters are on the moon to you little wild folk.
For more photos to help assist with creating the craters on the moon activity please visit our Instagram page