• Winter Full Moon Garland

    Connect little wild folk with the moon and the current season with this full moon seasonal garland you can hang up as part of your seasonal table.
  • Planting By The Moon ~ Waxing Gibbous

    Connect with the moons cycle, while harvesting a wonderful garden with you wild folk using these waxing gibbous moon seeds
  • Moon Phase Tracker

    Following the moon can be a wonderful way of connecting to life’s natural rhythms ~ create this Moon Phase Tracker to help guide your little folk to the upcoming phases of the moon
  • Crescent Moon Bowls.

    Get the whole family around the table together to create these little crescent moon bowls.
  • Moon Friendship Necklaces.

    Join your little wild folks friends together with these little friendship moon necklaces.
  • Moon Phase Wall Hanging

    Get your little folk marvelling at the many phases of the moon with this moon phase wall hanging.
  • Wooden Star Constellations

    Allow your little wild folk to look at the stars on even the most cloudy of nights with these wooden star constellations.
  • Craters On The Moon

    Watch your little folk discover how craters appear on the moon with this sensory game.