New Moon Rituals + free Intentions printable

New Moon Rituals

Since the beginning of my journey into Motherhood I have deeply yearned to give my children a connection to this beautiful planet. Connection to nature.

As the moons progressed that desire expanded outward toward the cosmos. The stars. And to our beautiful moon. 

The moon is my families great anchor. It controls the water within us just as it controls the tides at the beach. We can feel it's presence with each passing phase. And with each one we journey deeper towards manifestation and intent. Gratitude and forgiveness. 

Each rebirth of the new moon is another opportunity to begin manifesting dreams into reality. For my family we watch the moon phases closely as they remind us to keep on track of our goals. We rebirth our dreams ~ whether they be new, or old. Letting go of the past, taking the lessons from mistakes and moving forward.
Each families journey with the moon is different. Just as every ones journey with the wheel of the year will hold differences in celebration. These are a few of the ways my family celebrate the new moon. Our rituals. Some may align, and others may not. But do not judge your celebrations against ours. You know within what is right for your family, just as I mine. 

New Moon Manifestation Rituals

With the new moon I set out a celebration. Not every occasion will be the same. Some will only hold a few of these rituals, others will hold all of them. One that we always hold is cleansing ourselves and our house with sage, ready to step forward with clarity.
We begin taking the steps towards setting our intentions. We print off our new moon intention sheets ready to write down the things we desire to bring forth with the new moon cycle. The children don't need to necessarily write the words, sometimes they draw it instead - it doesn't matter if I know what it is, it is clear to them. Over the new moon and waxing crescent we will add to our intentions. These will be burnt in a seal and release ceremony over the full moon.

Sometimes we will pour candles over the new moon, embedding our intentions in the process. These candles will be lit over our full moon celebrations.

Sometimes we meditate, either together or by ourselves. 

During the evening we will gather at our table, and talk about new beginnings. Celebrate our growth. Connect with each other deeper through conversation before enjoying a special new moon dinner.

Below I have included our New Moon Intentions sheet as well as both a southern and northern hemisphere Moon Phase Tracker that you can download for free and used to track and celebration the moon.



Click here to access your free New Moon Intentions printable