Rose Fairy Bath Soak

Potion play is incredibly magical to wild folk. It allows them to bring out their inner creative alchemist. There isn’t a day that goes by that my youngest isn’t creating a potion with bit of cut leaves, some rocks, and often flower petals from a Rose who’s sweet perfume is just too beautiful not to want to pick. This little activity is absolutely perfect for those little folk that are like mine and love to create things with all kinds of ingredient. It gives them the opportunity to have their potion play and to also have the excitement and pride that little folk often have when they create something that isn’t just beautiful but also something they can use later and this one will help them to smell just as sweet as the beautiful Rose Fairy as shestays close and holds on to the beautiful blooming roses in the garden.
The Song Of The Rose Fairy
Best and dearest flower that grows
Perfect for both to see and smell;
Words can never, ever tell
Half the beauty of a Rose —
Buds that open to disclose
Fold on fold of purest white,
Lovely pink, red that glows
Deep, sweet scented. What delight
      To be Fairy of the Rose!
Magnesium flakes, or alternatively you can use Epsom salt.
Pink Himalayan rock salt.
Dried rose petals.
Rose essential oil. (optional)
A bowl for mixing.
A jar, we recycled an old coffee jar.
Tip: set out all your ingredients so they are all ready (2:1 of the magnesium to Himalayan rock salt) so your little one can just create a big potion without worrying about getting the ratio correct.
1. Mix together 2:1 parts magnesium flakes to Himalayan rock salt in a bowl.
2. Now add in your desired amount of dried rose petals, and mix them in together.
3. If you’re using essential oil, now is the time to add a couple of drops. If not don’t worry, as the magnesium flakes naturally hold oil within them once they are enclosed together with the rose petals in the jar it will absorb some of that beautiful rose smell too. Also remember to do a skin irritation test before using any essential oils. 
4. Now place your Rose Fairy Bath Soak into a jar or container of your choice. You can layer it up a little adding more rose petals after each little handful you pop in.
5. Sprinkle some more rose petals on top and seal it. It’s important to keep it sealed when you’re not using it so the magnesium flakes keep their natural oil. I recommend setting it aside for around 1-2 weeks before using so the beautiful rose smell can be completely absorbed into the magnesium.
I recommend I recommend doing this and our other Flower Fairy activities as part of a poetry tea time. Sit down with some warm tea, some cookies and recite the wonderful words of The Song Of The Rose Fairy written by Cicely Mary Barker while watching and gently guiding your little wild folk in creating the Rose Fairy Bath Soak.
© The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker 1925
Reproduced by kind permission of Frederick Warne & Co.