Pansy Fairy Bracelet

How truly magic the Pansy is. When I think back to my childhood it definitely comes to my mind almost instantly. It is symbolic to me of the magic of childhood, as memories of watching the buds grow with excitement and anticipation, wondering what colours and patterns would burst through once it had bloomed. I remember setting out to pick them so I could place them in my flower press, only to find a pansy from the year before all pressed in its perfect beauty that I had forgotten about.

This little bracelet is the perfect activity to do if you find yourself opening up a flower press with one of last years Pansy flowers, or if your little folk love marvelling at the beauty of the Pansy flowers growing and would delight in having a Pansy with them where ever they go, just like the magical Pansy Fairy holding her beautiful flower as she dances through the garden.

The Song Of The Pansy Fairy

Pansy and Petunia,
Periwinkle, Pink —
How to choose the best of them,
Leaving out the rest of them,
That is hard, I think.

Poppy with its pepper-pots,
Polyanthus, Pea —
Though I wouldn’t slight the rest,
Isn’t Pansy quite the best,
Quite the best for P?

Black and brown and velvety,
Purple, yellow, red;
Loved by people big and small,
All who plant and dig at all,
In a garden bed.

Fresh or pressed pansies.
Paint of your choosing, we used watercolour paint.
Double sided tape, or alternatively you can use glue.
A cardboard cylinder, we used a baking paper roll. .

1. Cut your cardboard cylinder length ways on one side to create a cuff effect. Now measure out the desired length you want each bracelet and cut accordingly.

2. Measure out and cut a strip of paper the same width of your bracelet and paint it your desired colours and set aside to dry.

3. Take your double sided tape, or glue and stick your now dried paper over the top cutting off the excess with you scissors. We found that once piece of A4 painted paper cut length ways could be used for two of our cylinders.

4. Now you’ve created the base for you Flower Fairy Pansy Bracelet you can go choose your Pansy and decide where you’d like to place it.

5. Once you have decided where you’re going to stick your flowers take a small piece of double sided tape, or glue and place it on the back of your flower and then stick it down in the chosen area. If using glue make sure you wait for it to completely dry before putting the bracelet on.

I recommend doing this and our other Flower Fairy activities as part of a poetry tea time. Sit down with some warm tea, some cookies and recite the wonderful words of The Song Of The Pansy Fairy written by Cicely Mary Barker while watching and gently guiding your little wild folk in creating the Pansy Fairy bracelet.
© The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker 1934
Reproduced by kind permission of Frederick Warne & Co.