Lavender Fairy Bath Bombs

In the memories of my childhood the smell of lavender is everywhere. Nothing would excite me more than when the lavender would bloom. I would go out and take the a flower between my fingers and rub it so I could take it’s beautiful scent with me wherever I would go, dreaming of the lavender flower fairy.
Now as a mother it brings so much joy into my heart to see my wild folk to do the same. On days when we are feeling frustration or stress, I place lavender oil on their wrists to help relax them, and draw them a warm bath. These lavender fairy bath bombs are the perfect way to bring relaxation to your evening and excitement . Another very well loved potion play for my wild folk, they favour this the most because they know it won’t be long before they are watching it fizz and bubble.

As with all our Flower Fairy activities we recommend sitting down with a cup of tea, gently guiding your little one through the activity as you recite the beautiful words of Cicely Mary Barkers poetry.

The Song Of The Lavender Fairy

“Lavender’s blue, diddle diddle”—
So goes the song;
All round her bush, diddle diddle,
Butterflies throng;
(They love her well, diddle diddle,
So do the bees;)
While she herself, diddle diddle,
Sways in the breeze!

“Lavender’s blue, diddle diddle,
Lavender’s green”;
She’ll scent the clothes, diddle diddle,
Put away clean—
Clean from the wash, diddle diddle,
Hanky and sheet;
Lavender’s spikes, diddle diddle,
Make them all sweet!


1 cup Bi Carb Soda
3/4 Citric Acid
1/2 Epsom Salt
1/2 Cornstarch  
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
2 teaspoons Witch Hazel
1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
25-30 drops Lavender Essential Oil.
Dry Lavender (optional)
Something to mould your bath bomb ~ you can use cupcake trays, cookie cutters on a baking sheet or purchase circular bath bomb moulds.

~we recommend doing an allergy test to essential oil on your wrist before commencing any activity with its use ~


1. In a bowl mix together all your dry ingredients ~ bi carb soda, citric acid, epsom salt, and cornstarch.

2. In a separate bowl mix olive oil, witch hazel, vanilla essence and lavender essential oil.

3. Slowly begin to add wet ingredient in with dry while mixing with spoon until all gone.

4. Mix for a further until well combined, if you’re adding dry Lavender add during this time.

5. Push mixture into their moulds and compress with hands. Leave for 48 hours before taking them out.

6. When it’s time to take out your hardened bath bombs, try to apply any pressure that’s necessary as even as possible. For this reason I recommend starting out with silicon cupcake moulds if yours not using a circular bath bomb mould.

Now that your lavender bath bombs are complete, you little one can enjoy the sweet smell of the Lavender Flower Fairy and dream of her swaying in the breeze with the beautiful lavender blooms.
© The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker 1944
Reproduced by kind permission of Frederick Warne & Co.