Fuchsia Fairy Flower Pounding Botanical Prints

There is something so
breath takingly magical about the Fuchsia Fairy. Her sweet little petal dress, and pointed toes ready to twirl with the sway of the breeze. As a child I remember a beautiful Fuchsia plant that would grow in my grandmothers garden, and in the morning we would walk out and she would tell me that if I glanced quickly over I might be lucky enough to see the Fuchsia Fairy there, amongst all the flowers enjoying her morning dew dance.

Flower Pounding or Hapa Zome, is a very old technique of pounding flowers into fabric to create a print. This Fuchsia Fairy flower pounding capture all that beauty of the dancing Flower Fairy.

In this tutorial I have used calico bags to create perfect Fuchsia Fairy flower printed gift bags for Christmas, but you can use any raw fabric that you choose.



Fuchsia Fairy

Fuchsia is a dancer

Dancing on her toes,

Clad in red and purple,

By a cottage wall;

Sometimes in a greenhouse,

In frilly white and rose,

Dressed in her best for the fairies’ evening ball!


Tip: this botanical dye application can be done with a wide variety of flowers. Pansy’s, Violas and Maple Leaves keep their shape especially well.





Calico bag.

Fuchsia Fresh Flowers.


A piece of card.





1.     Place you fresh Fuchsia flower on a piece of card and slide it into position within the bag of where you would like it to print. The piece of card will stop the natural dye from going onto the back of your bag.

2.     Place another piece of card on top, and gently but firmly hammer at the card, occasionally stopping to gently lift it and see where the dye needs to come out more. If your flower print is mostly done you can remove the card and very gently tap at the areas remaining with your hammer to release the rest.

3.     Once you’re happy with the botanical print, take off the top card. The gently take out the bottom card. There may be very small pieces of the Fuchsia flower on your material, that’s okay. I recommend waiting for it to dry before removing them to make it easier.

4.     Repeat the process until you are satisfied with your design.


I recommend doing this and our other Flower Fairy activities as part of a poetry tea time. Sit down with some warm tea, some cookies and recite the wonderful words of Fuchsia Fairy written by Cicely Mary Barker while watching your wild folk create freely with some Fuchsia Fairy flower pounding.

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© The Estate of Cicely Mary Barker 1934

Reproduced by kind permission of Frederick Warne & Co.