Positive Affirmation Bon Bons

The festive season means different things to many people. For us, it’s a time to get remind others of just how special and important they are. To share love, and kindness with our community. These little positive affirmation Bon Bons are one of my favourite traditions for our family. The little affirmation we receive becomes our little mantra for the following year. 
Finish paper towel or hand rolls. 
Bon Bon straps.
1. Taking paint to paper, create a beautiful piece of art and set aside to dry. We use simple water colours but you can use any type of paint, or even pencil or crayon.  
2. Take your toilet roll and on one side make several small horizontal cuts using your scissors. This will help for when your pull open the Bon Bon. 
3. Now it’s time to create the positive affirmation. Cut your paper to size. You can choose to have different coloured paper, alternatively we used water colour paint to colour ours. On each piece of paper write a positive affirmation, here are some of the ones we like to use:
I am loved. 
I am intelligent. 
I learn from my mistakes. 
I accept and love myself. 
I can become whatever I want to be. 
I believe in myself and my abilities.
Every day is a fresh start.
I only compare myself to myself.
I forgive myself for my mistakes.
I am free to make my own choices.
It is enough to do my best.
4. Once you have created all your positive affirmation inserts, it’s time to finish off your Bon Bon. Take your affirmation and place it inside your toilet roll, if you are placing anything else inside now is the time to pop it in. We also place a crystal or tumbled stone inside ours.
5. Thread your Bon Bon strap inside the toilet roll until it is even on each end. Using the glue (or alternatively sticky tape) to hold it into place. Bon Bon straps will be available on our online store from November.
6. Place your painted paper on a flat service with the blank side facing up. Now pop your toilet roll that now has the positive affirmation and Bon Bon strap inside, on the edge of the paper. Position it so the Bon Bon strap just comes short of the outer edge and cut the paper to size. ~ if you’re using a toilet roll, I find an A4 piece of paper laying landscape is the perfect size. Now roll the paper around the toilet roll and glue together (you may need to hold it in place for a minute or so, so it doesn’t unfold). 
8. Once the glue has taken hold, twist each end and tie a piece of twine around it. 
Now your Bon Bons are ready to use. 
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