Nature Decorations

My wild folk are always collecting treasures from our nature walks. No matter where we explore, sure enough their pockets, and more than likely my pockets too will come home full of fascinating little pieces. With our nature table flowing, and a mind that’s always looking for new little family traditions we can begin I decided to start making some decorations we could create and hang each passing Christmas.

Air drying clay or salt dough. 
Twine or cord. 
Nature treasures. 
A skewer or alternative to poke hole. 
1. Take out a toddler size palm worth of clay and roll into a ball (you’ll want it roughly around 6-8cm in diameter). Push down lightly on a firm surface so the back is slightly flat to stop it from rolling away from tiny hands. 
2. Press in your nature treasures firmly, giving them a little wiggle to make clay form over the edges. 
3. Using your skewer, poke a hole into the clay where you desire it to hang from. Be mindful to make it wider than the cord you will be threading through. 
4. Turn your nature decoration over and scratch in your wild ones name and the year to have a wonderful record of the time they made it. 
5. Once your clay is dry, you can thread through your cord to hang up and decorate for your festive season
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