Leaf Dish

Autumn is our favourite time of the year. Although all seasons bring beauty to the natural world in their own way, the colours and smell of Autumn bring pure joy to our souls. And with all that's comes the wonderful Autumn leaves. This leaf dish activity is absolutely perfect for little wild folk you have a special shape leaf that they just treasure and want to keep forever.
A selection of your favourite leaves. 
A rolling pin.
A spatula.
Clay, you can either make your own or use air drying clay like we have for this photo. 
A blunt knife for cutting and edging. 
1. Take a toddler palm size ball of clay and using your rolling pin lightly begin to roll. Don't push too hard as you will still need to imprint the leaf.
2. Choose a leaf and place it on your lightly flattened clay, once you're happy with its placement take your rolling pin and push slightly while rolling to imprint your leaf. We do it until the edging of the leaf are level with the clay. 
3. Carefully peel away the leaf, and take the butter knife to cut the outside into desired shape. Make sure to leave enough space for the edging. 
4. Carefully take knife and hold about 2mm from the edge of clay, and using your thumb begin working the outside clay to the knife, moving around the entire dish to form its edge. You can alternative just use fingers to pinch and create the edging.
5. Now that your dish is created, you want to carefully lift it from the surface with a spatula. Remembering that the clay has been rolled a few times and will likely be partially stuck to the surface. Once removed from the surface, place in sunny spot to set. We recommend a windowsill.
6. Once dry, you can now choose to paint it or leave it how it naturally is.
Now that your little wild folks dish is created they can look and their favourite shape leaf throughout Winter as a reminder of the beautiful things to come in Spring. 
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