Kindness Jars

Teaching our wild folk the importance of kindness is something my husband and I hold on the highest of priorities. Kindness is key to enhancing the self esteem of both your children and the children around them. It creates a beautiful circle of positivity and love. 
The holidays can be a time when we can be so caught up on the materialistic side of gifts, we forget the impact and importance of a thoughtful gift someone has made for you. These Kindness Jars are a really simple, yet powerful way to give someone the gift of self esteem.
Every year we create one of these each for our loved ones, and then before the new year we create another one full of things we love about ourselves. In times when we are feeling sad, or down about ourselves we open up our jars and begin to read the things both we and others love about us, to remind us that these times of sadness will pass and that we are so loved.
Watercolour paint. 
A jar. 
1. Cut your piece of paper into the desired size of your notes. 
2. Paint each piece of paper using your watercolour paints. We like to do each note a different colour. 
3. Once your paint has dried, use your pen to write down all the things you admire about the person you intend to give this too. 
4. Put all of your notes into the jar, and close the lid. 

5. Using another piece of paper, write down the name of the person you will be giving it to. Poke a small hole, thread some twine through it and tie it around your jar.