Kindness Advent Calendar

The holiday season is a fun and exciting time for some, however for others it can be a time of reflection and loneliness. While as a family we celebrate this time with all the trimmings, we also want to instill into our children a sense of community care and true conscious giving to the people and creatures that surround us. This little Kindness Advent Calendar is a tradition that helps me with guiding our children each day for a little kindness activity during the some times crazy and stressful holiday period. Below is the tutorial on how to make an empty advent calendar. I have also included the activities we do most years, although occasionally they can differ slightly. You can use this as a guide or create your own acts of kindness and activities. 
25 Acts Of Kindness
1. Create and hide a kindness rock for someone to find in a park.
2. Create a wreath to hang on your door and welcome people to your home. 
3. Create a pine cone bird feeder for your local birds. 
4. Create a kindness jar for someone you love. 
5. Pick out a toy you no longer play with and donate it to the local doctors surgery or childs hospital. 
6. Create a thank you cards for your mail person. 
7.  Create some recycled seed paper to gift people.
8. Collect and donate some dog and cat food for the local animal shelter.
9. Make some nature decoration for your tree. 
10. Wrap up some new toys to donate to the local toy appeal. 
11.Create a beautiful picture and send it to an elderly friend. 
12. Donate some food to the local homeless shelters. 
13. Creat a thank you card for your garbage collector.
14. Create a kindness jar of all the things you love about yourself. 
15. Create some positive affirmation bon bons for the new year.
16.Send a care package to an elderly friend. 
17. Create a bee hotel for your backyard bees. 
18. Read a book to your younger siblings/parents. 
19. Create some Christmas cards for people you love. 
20. Plant some seasonal seeds and watch them grow into the new year. 
21. Make some book marks and leave them inside library books for other to find.
22. Write out and set your intentions for the new year. 
23. Make some art packages and donate them to you local children's hospital.
24. Bake some cookies for everyone to enjoy. 
25. Phone someone who might be alone and spend some time talking to them. 
2x A4 pieces of felt.
Paint pen or marker.
Hot glue gun.
Cord or Twine.
A piece of fabric approximately 40 x 65cm.
A ruler.
1. Take your piece of felt and measure out evenly the width of advent holders. If you are using an A4 piece of felt like we did, you can turn it horizontally to create 5 columns going up with the fifth only being a mm bigger. 
2. Cut out your felt columns out. To help with keeping it straight, you can draw a faint line to guide your cutting. 
3. Now take your felt column and fold it in half, cutting at the crease.
4. Using your hot glue gun, put a thin line of glue down the edges of your now felt rectangles and fold them in half to create little squares with an opening up the top. Don't worry if excess glue comes out the side, you can trim these off with scissors once it has dried. 
5. Once you have completed all felt squares, take your paint pen and write out numbers 1 - 25 on each of the squares. Be mindful to have them with the opening facing up when you are writing out your numbers.
6. Take your piece of fabric and arrange your now numbered felt squares into your desired pattern. Once you are happy you can begin gluing them down with your hot glue gun. 
7. While your glue is drying, cut 10 equal size pieces of twine. This will be what holds your advent calendar to your branch so make sure you have enough length to cover the width plus knots. 
8. Poke 10 evenly spaced holes in your fabric at the top, and thread your twine through. 
9. Once all the twine has been threaded, position your branch over the twine and double knot it into place. 
10. Write out your 25 acts of kindness, and place them into each of your felt squares. 
11. Leave as is or decorate with everlasting flowers.
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