Celebration Wreath

Taking time out to created your own decorations can be a wonderful way to have a more mindful and conscious celebration. Since creating our own wreaths I have found that we have connected so much more to the true meaning behind many of these holidays, and that is to enjoy the company of our loved ones connect to each other. These little celebration wreaths are so simple, and if something you dont need any extra materials to make (unless you find yourself with an extra thick stem). For my family, the kids make two tiny little ones on their own and then we all sit around and make one giant one together.
Natural wreath, alternatively you can make one yourself using some vine or willow branch, wrapping it into itself to from your desired shape. 
Everlasting flowers. 
Small branched with leaves attached. 
1. Take your small branches with leaves still attached and remove about 5cm worth of leaves from the base of the branch.
2. Thread your bare branch stem into the wreath, leaving the foliage of leaves out to the side. Repeat process until you have desired about of leaves attached to your wreath.
3. Take the stem of your everlasting flowers and do the same, alternatively you can use a hot glue gun to glue the flowers down if they have no stem, or if you find the stem to thick.
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