Holiday Activities

  • Pine Cone Bird Feeders

    Give your local birds a gift this holiday season and be rewarded by the beauty of all your new backyard friends.
  • Kindness Jars

    Give someone you love the gift of a Kindness Jar that they can open and read all the wonderful things you love about then. There is no greater gift than the gift of self esteem and kindness!
  • Celebration Wreath

    Created a more connect and mindful celebration with these celebration wreaths.
  • Kindness Advent Calendar

    Celebrate a mindful and conscious holiday season with our Kindness Advent Calendar.
  • Leaf Dish

    Bring nature to a loved ones house this holiday season with these leaf dishes.
  • Nature Decorations

    Start a magical new tradition to celebrate with you wild folk with these Nature Decorations.
  • Positive Affirmation Bon Bons

    Spread kindness this Festive Season with these positive affirmation Bon Bons.