Recycled Paper Seed Cookies

The beauty of eating organic is that every fruit you purchase to eat, also holds within a bunch of seeds you can use for growing fruit for yourself, or gift to someone else with these recycled paper seed cookies ~ just a reminder these are not for eating although my two year old has given that a fair crack too. 
A bunch of old paper. 
A blender.
A cup or two of water depending on how much paper you have.
Some seeds. 
1. Take your old paper and rip into strips, you don't need to be too particular about the size but just small enough for your blender to handle it will do.
2. Place ripped up paper into blender and pour in water. We feel two cups is usually enough, you want the paper and water to make a mulch liquid. 
3. Once blended together, pour into bowl and get your little wild folk to take handfuls of the mulch and squeeze together to drain out liquid and form little circular discs. Place aside on plate or rack to dry.
4. Place seeds on top while the recycled paper cookies are still wet so they stick to them.
Now your harvested seeds are ready to be gifted or set aside to plant when the season comes.
For more photos to help assist with creating the recycled paper seed cookies please visit our Instagram page