Nature Wall Hanging

Collecting nature treasure is my little wild folks favourite thing to do. We have so many little pieces they have collected over the years that we never run out of items to craft. This activity is perfect if your little wild folk has found some nature treasure that they just love so they can look up and see them whenever the want to.
A stick.
Some cord.
Clay ~ you can either make your own or use air drying clay.
A tooth pick.
Nature treasure.
A rolling pin.
A blunt knife.
1. Take toddler palm size balls of clay and roll them out lightly with rolling pin. Make sure to not press to hard a stick you will still need to put in the nature treasure.
2. Place one piece of nature treasure on top of each piece of half rolled out clay. Push in lightly and then using your rolling pin evenly press and roll down until your nature treasure is securely in the clay.
3. Take blunt knife and cut around your nature treasure in desired shape.
4. Using a tooth pick, make a hole at the top of your nature treasure the width of your cord.
5. Set aside in sunny place to dry ~ we recommend a hot windowsill.
6. Take cord and cut desire do legth for your nature treasure disc to sit. You can either do two pieces with 3 nature treasure discs each like we have or do one nature disc to one piece of cord ~ however your little wild folk desire. 
7. Once your clay is dry, you can now begin tying your nature treasure discs and cord together and on to your stick. 
Now your nature wall hanging is ready to be hung up for all to see, and for your little wild folk to tell stories about. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the nature wall hanging please visit our Instagram page