Nature Sun Catcher & Clay Beads

Children love collecting pieces of nature. They are instinctually drawn to it, or at least I find mine are. We also occasionally gifted some truly beautiful pieces by tiny friends. On my eldest wild ones birthday he received a beautiful rose picked from a garden by one of his dear friends. Immediately when we arrived back home he wanted to press it to keep it forever, and we decided to display it we would create this little nature sun catcher and some clay beads.
Salt dough or clay ~ we used air drying clay.
Cord or twine.
A wooden skewer. 
Clear contact ~ alternatively you can recycle a clear container lid.
Pressed or dried piece of nature.
1. Create your clay beads by rolling small balls and then pushing through a wooden skewer, set aside to dry. 
2. Take your cardboard ~ alternatively we recycled a paper plate, and using your scissors create the frame for your piece of nature to sit in. You can create any shape frame you want, so get your little folk creative. 
3. Place one piece of clear contact down, sticky side up and gently place your piece of nature in the middle. Trim the over hanging contact and seal it by placing  second piece of contact on the other side.
If you are recycling a clear container lid ~ use clear drying craft glue to stick both the frame and piece of nature to your lid, sealing the nature there by going over it with craft glue.
4. Using your skewer, poke a hole through the very top and thread through your cord or twine. Make sure your cord is smaller in width than the holes in your beads. 
5. Get your little folk to paint the now dry beads any colour they feel drawn to and set aside to dry once more. 
6. Now your beads are dry your little folk can thread them on and complete their sun catcher. 
Now your little wild folks nature sun catcher is ready to hang, let your little wild folk pick a space special to them so they see their beautiful creation. 
For more photos to help assist in creating the nature sun catcher and clay beads please visit our Instagram page