Nature Hearts ~ a Valentines Day craft.

We like to spend time in our every day to express love and gratitude for the people that enrich our lives, however sometimes it is easy to forget or get caught up in whatever tasks you have set yourself. So we find Valentines Day is a perfect time to prepare time to acknowledge the people we appreciate so much. These people aren't just the friends and family that surround us but also the service people who keep our lives running, the ones who deliver our mail, or take away our garbage, or make sure we are safe at the mall. It's can also be the neighbours who you rarely see but are always ready to give you a friendly and welcoming wave. 
Valentines Day in our house isn't so much about expressing love with money spent on gifts, but in making crafts from the heart and if you're anything like us then this nature heart craft is for you.
Clay ~ you can either make your own salt dough or use air drying clay like we have in the photo.
A selection of nature treasures ~ some dried flowers, feathers, moss covered sticks, anything that captures your little wild folks heart.
A rolling pin.
A heart cookie cutter.
A tooth pick.
Cord or twine.
1. Take your clay and roll it into toddler palm size balls, the size also depends on how big your heart cutter is. Alternatively you can also freehand the heart shape using a blunt knife.
2. Once you have enough clay balls to make the amount of hearts you desire, take your rolling pin and flatten each one to about 5mm thickness. 
3. Cut out heart shapes using cookie cutter.
4. Now comes the fun, decorate your hearts by pressing in your nature treasures. Make sure you press evenly and so they aren't fairly deep into the heart to secure them.
5. Taking your tooth pick you can now make a hole the width of your cord or twine. 
6. Gently pick up each heart and move to a sunny spot to dry. We recommend using a spatula to lift them off the surface as they can become a little stuck to the surface after being rolled.
7. Once dry, you can now thread through your twine or cord.
Now your little wild folks nature hearts are ready to be hung, or gifted to a special person to express gratitude for their wonderful presence in your life.
For more photos to help assist with creating the nature hearts please visit our Instagram page