Nature Crowns

Nature crowns are such a simple and fun craft to get little folk excited to find nature treasures. We often visit this craft when we go on bush walks or anywhere in nature to get the kids in to their 'nature detective mode', setting out with a bare crown and adding to it as we walk. You can also do this craft completely at home, setting out already collected pieces of nature. 
A large piece of cardboard. 
Double sided sticky tape. 
A stapler. 
Various pieces of nature. 
1. Cut the piece of cardboard length ways into a roughly 10cm thick strip. Once cut, take the cardboard and fold around child size head to get size, cutting just a little over to allow a small fold over for the staple. 
2. Once measured and cut, use stapler and secure together so the cardboard is now held together in a circular shape that fits your childs head. 
3. Place two lines of double sided tape that runs the length of entire crown. 
4. Begin your journey into nature, or place already collected pieces of nature onto table ready for your little folk.
Now enjoy watching your little folk immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the nature crowns please visit our Instagram page