Journey Sticks

There is no greater adventures than those out in nature, except perhaps an adventure out in nature with a journey stick. Traditionally these sticks are made with crystals but I have added one to each of ours as a touch of magic. 
A stick. We recommend going out with your little wild folk prior and letting them choose a stick, this will make these more special to them.
Cord ~ we used 3 different colours, but you can also just use the one.
A hot glue gun.
A crystal ~optional. 
1. Take your hot glue gun and place glue on top of stick, now take your crystal and hold onto hot glue for roughly a minute. Place a little hot glue on attaching sides where the stick and crystal meet to secure your crystal. If you aren't adding a crystal please skip to step two.
2. Take your cord and cut to length the desired length. We cut our stuff at two meters, leaving 20cm on each side for holding items, no wrapping the remainder around.
3. Using a little glue to hold your cord, begin tying your cord to the stick. You can either tie the ends together or use glue to stick the remaining end down, but remember to leave enough cord on either end to tie and hold all your little wild folks nature treasures.
4 Repeat step three with remaining cords until you have desired amount of cord to attach items. We have 3 pieces of cord, giving us 6 items on each stick we can attach.
Now your journey sticks are ready to take out with you for your next nature walk. We like to use our items to create a story after each nature walk over some tea and food.
For more photos to help assist with creating the journey stick please visit our Instagram page