Flower Lanterns

Spring is such a beautiful time. Watching the flowers begin to bloom and light up our days with their beauty after sometimes a long and cold winter is something my wild folk love. We notice that our bodies begin awakening too and we feel more active within ourselves as the warmer weather approaches often collecting petals from flowers we pass on our nature walks. They always make sure to bring them home to marvel at their beauty. These flower lanterns are the perfect spring craft, and we use them each year to illuminate our Spring Equinox celebrations, much like our Leaf Lanterns
White tissue paper. 
Clear drying craft glue. 
Paint brush. 
Fresh flower petals. 
Small mixing bowl. 
1. Take your scissors and cut your tissue paper in small rectangle and square pieces. 
2. Blow your balloon to your desired size for you flower lantern. 
3. In your mixing bowl, mix together your craft glue with a teaspoon of water so that the glue is running enough not to rip your tissue paper. I recommend a teaspoon to every 1/2 a cup of glue. 
4. Begin applying your tissue paper to your balloon in a papier-mâché fashion. Do 2-3 coats of tissue paper and leave to dry. 
5. Now begin adding your fresh flower petals. I recommend using fresh petals instead of dry so that they don’t rip while being applied to the lantern. 
6. Once all your petals are on, go over with another 2 coats of tissue paper and leave to dry. 
7. Once completely dry hold part of the balloon and make a small hole so that the air will gradually go down.
8. Remove balloon and dispose of in a environmentally friendly manner - remember that discarded balloons can be mistaken for food and often harm animals who mistakenly ingest them. 
9. Add your battery operated fairy lights and allow it to illuminate your room. 
Now that you’ve completed your flower lantern, set it up in a place your wild folk can see and use every day to illuminate their beautiful creation. 
For more ideas and videos to assist in creating the flower lantern please visit our Instagram page www.instagram.com/wildwattlefolk