Crystal & Botanical Soy Candles.

Making candles is such a beautiful and mindful way to create something with your little folk that can be used in a practical every day sense. 
Two of the things my children love the most is creating and feeling like they are useful and have abilities that help the family. These little candles are my eldest little ones favourite activity. From the very beginning of making the candle all the way through to enjoying watching it light up a room. 
Please do be mindful though that this activity does have burning risks and should only be done under the supervision and guidance or adults. 
If you would like to create a crescent moon bowl before making your candles, please click here. 
Soy wax flakes. 
Crystal of your choice ~ we used quartz. 
Dried flowers ~ we used Rose petals, Lavender & Calendula. 
A saucepan. 
Two small sticks.
A jug ~ we use a special tin jug for making candles, but measuring jugs can be used instead. 
A jar, or bowl to pour your wax into ~ we used our crescent moon bowls. 
 1. Place your soy wax flakes into your jug. A good rule of thumb is it put in 1 and a half of what the object you’ll be pouring the melted wax into holds.
2. Once you have measured out and poured your soy wax flakes into the jug, set up a double boiler. This is where you can a saucepan with boiling water on heat and you hold your jug in the water so it heats up the wax. Once the wax has gone clear and there’s no lumps it is ready to pour. (See photos for guidance)
Please note: NEVER heat up your wax directly over a flame or over top. 
 3. Place you jug full of melted wax on a sturdy heat proof board. Please remember that the jug will be hot (except hopefully your handle!) so take care. 
4. Place your wick inside your bowl and begin to slowly pour your wax. Don’t worry about the wick moving at this point, just make sure you don’t over pour your candle. 
5. Place your jug back on to your sturdy heat proof board. This is the part where you will need to keep you wick straight in the middle to set. You cal do this by using two sticks side by side with the wick poking through the middle. 
6. Once your candles have started to change from clear to white you can begin sprinkling your flower petals over the top, they should stay in place and not sink. Depending on how big and where you are wanting to place your crystal, you can either hold it until the wax hardens to the point where it can hold it, or place it so it’s leaning on the side of your bowl. (See photo for guidance) 
(this should only take 20-25minutes)
Now that your candles are poured and have had time to harden you can light them up and enjoy the sweet beauty and smell that comes with your crystal and botanical candles. Or even give them to others as a beautiful hand made gift. 
For more photos and videos to help assist with creating the crystal and botanical soy candles please visit our Instagram page