Clay Autumn Acorns

Collecting the acorns is something we love, often using them in our pretend play when my little folk play shops. However over time the nut falls out leaving us with only the little hat it once wore. 
When this first happened my youngest was absolutely heartbroken, until we found a way to restore our acorn collection. This activity is beautifully simple so the most tiniest of folk can enjoy some nature crafting. 
Acorn caps (cupule)
Salt dough or clay ~ we used air drying clay
A paint brush
1. Take a teaspoon worth of your salt dough or clay and roll it into a ball.
2. Carefully push one end into the cap. You can either mould the outer into shape, or alternatively what we did was pull the clay out and then put the opposite side in the cap which gave the clay a wonderful natural shape. 
~ Leave to dry ~ 
3. Once your clay is dry, your little folk can begin to paint them whichever beautiful colour of the rainbow they wish and set aside to dry.
~Please remember to keep an eye on small children around small items like these acorns~
Now that your little wild folk have created their clay acorns, you can use these in invitations to learn to count or just use in pretend play. 
For more photos to assist in making clay Autumn acorns please visit our Instagram