Autumn Leaf Spelling

My youngest has been expressing the desire to learn to read a little. She is still very young, but she watched her older brother and it prompts her to try to do the same. We strive to teach our children in such a way that’s it’s almost a game, an the learning part is kind of accidental on their behalf. So we felt like this little activity it perfect for her to begin learning to recognise her name, as well as a fun reason to go outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves and their colours. 
We set this up in two parts, first was an autumn leaf scavenger hunt where I drew different leaf shapes and different colours for us to find during our nature walk and the second was the activity to place them on her name. 
A large piece of paper or card. 
A black marker.
Leaves of all shapes, sizes and colours.
Sticky tape.
1. I highly recommend going out and doing an autumn leaf scavenger hunt with you wild folk to collect your leaves. Creating a board with different colours and shapes of leaves for them to find will make the activity a little more special when it comes to sticking them on their name. 
2. Once you have your leaves, set them out on a tray or in a basket for your little one to see. 
3. In bubble writing, write their name using the black marker on your piece of cardboard or paper and hang it somewhere easy for them to reach ~ we chose to do ours outside and hung the paper on the fence using the sticky tape on the corners. 
4. Sit beside the tray of leaves and take a piece of sticky tape, loop it over so it’s all sticky and pass it to your little one giving them the opportunity to pick which leaf they want. Get them to place the sticky tape on the back of their leaf and then press it onto their name. You might want to do the first couple yourself so they can see how to it’s works first, but if your little one is anything like mine it won’t take long before they are wanting to do it all themselves. 
Once your little wild folk has finished with their activity, you have a beautiful little picture you can display on their door or anywhere they choose. 
For more photos to help assist with creating the Autumn Leaf Spelling activity please visit our Instagram