Autumn Rainbow

Autumn is such a beautiful season to experience with little folk. Watching the leaves on trees you’ve walked by every day change colour and make their way to the ground must be truly magic in the eyes of a child. 
This little activity is perfect to either take with you on a nature walk, or to do just after you’ve been on one. It’s also a wonderful natural way for little wild folk to learn their colours. 
Cardboard ~ we recycled the lid of a pizza box. 
Double sided tape.
A collection of Autumn leaves. 
1. Using your piece of cardboard, paint a rainbow in Autumn tones. You can either make this part yourself, or allow your little wild folk to get creative. I usually make one first before using it to help them see a visual and assist in them making their own.  
2. Once the paint has dried, cut out your rainbow. 
3. Using the double sided tape, stick the leaves on to the matching colours. 
Now that you’ve made your autumn leaf rainbow, try making one for each season and place them all in a space where your little one can visit and be reminded of the beauty in all the seasons. 
For more ore photos to assist with making the autumn leaf rainbow please visit our Instagram