Autumn Leaf Gratitude Hanging

Autumn is the perfect time for crafts that offer reflection, and can carry happiness over into the colder days that winter is destined to bring. 

The autumn equinox is a time my family spend creating gratitude lists, so on the days of winter that sometimes last forever we can look over it and remember the beautiful things that are to come and that make us happy. 

This autumn leaf gratitude hanging is the perfect way to display the things that the kids are grateful for and to celebrate the beauty that is autumn. 



Some autumn coloured cardboard. 

A marker. 


Collected autumn leaves. 

Some cord. 

A small branch. 

A skewer or something similar to poke holes through your leaves and card. 



Before sitting down to do your gratitude list, this is a great opportunity to take the little wild folk out for a autumn leaf scavenger hunt to collect all your autumn leaves for this craft  

1. Using your marker draw out some autumn leaves. Depending on your little wild ones age you can either allow them to cut them out, or you can cut the leaves for them. 

2. Once your leaves are all cut out. Create a wonderful calm space and take turns telling your little folk what you are grateful for while writing it on a cardboard leaf, then ask them the things they are grateful for. Depending on your little folks age you can get them to do a little picture and write on the back what they are grateful for, or they can write it out themselves. Do this a couple of times with each member of the family making sure you respond with love for the things they have chosen. 

3. Poke a hole at the top of your cardboard leaves using the skewer.  

4. Thread through your cord, creating a knot at one end to stop the leaf from falling and tying the other to your branch. 

5. Once you have tied your last cardboard gratitude leaf, do the same for all your collected autumn leaves. 


Now your Autumn Leaf Gratitude Hanger is complete, hang it in a place where you can see it every day and remember each of those wonderful things that make your families days brighter. 


For more photos to assist with creating the Autumn Leaf Gratitude Hanging please visit our Instagram page