Nature Crafts

  • Flower Lanterns

    Illuminate your wild folks rooms and bring Spring into your homes with these Flower Lanterns.
  • Crystal & Botanical Soy Candles.

    Making candles is such a beautiful and mindful way to create something with your little folk that can be used in a practical every day sense.
  • Autumn Leaf Rainbow

    Get creative and help your little wild folk learn their colours with this autumn leaf rainbow.
  • Leaf Lanterns

    Light up your little wild folks nights that come in quicker with the end of daylight savings with these little leaf lanterns.
  • Autumn Leaf Gratitude Hanging

    Autumn is the perfect time for crafts that offer reflection, and can carry happiness over into the colder days that winter is destined to bring.  T...
  • Autumn Leaf Spelling

    Help your little wild folk recognise their own name with this Autumn Leaf Spelling activity.
  • Nature Sun Catcher & Clay Beads

    Let the sun catch some of your little wild folks nature treasure with this nature sun catcher and clay beads.
  • Clay Autumn Acorns

    Allow even the smallest of wild folk to enjoy some nature craft with this simple clay Autumn acorns activity.
  • Nature Hearts ~ a Valentines Day craft.

    Allow your little wild folk to show their gratitude for people they hold dear in their hearts by creating and gifting them one of these nature hearts.
  • Nature Wall Hanging

    Display all your little wild folks nature treasures with this beautiful nature wall hanging.
  • Leaf Dish

    Turn your little wild folks favourites leaf into a plate or dish so they can have it with them through out Winter with this beautiful Autumn craft.
  • Recycled Paper Seed Cookies

    The beauty of eating organic is that every fruit you purchase to eat, also holds within a bunch of seeds you can use for growing fruit for yourself...