Learning with Nature ~

Building a connection to the natural world with activities that allow your little wild folk to learn side by side with nature, where ever they may be.

Our Philosophy

We aspire for all little folk to be able to have a constant connection with nature allowing them to stay a little wild by providing activities that use natural elements to cultivate mindfulness, self love and love for our beautiful planet.

We understand that being out in nature isn't readily accessible for everyone, and so keeping this in mind we design activities which allow you to bring nature inside.

We feel that in today's society we have taken ourselves so far outside of nature with all our technology and items of our current daily lives, that we have forgotten part of ourselves and our connection to this big beautiful planet. With that in mind we aim to help parents and children reconnect with their wild sides while learning some of the basic fundamentals that make up the early years of school and establishing a well balanced seasonal rhythm. 

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better ~ Albert Einstein

Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies Tutorials & Seasonal Spotter Guides

Below you will find a selection of three tutorials for the current season for each hemisphere, to find all our tutorials please use the navigation bar at the top right of this website.


Nature Crafts

Nature Inspired Resources